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DIY Tiny House ft Interior Planning

Tiny house

I have always loved a good DIY project, and my Zack (Z) is taking on a mammoth DIY project. With big changes happening in his household (yes, he still lives with the ‘rents), he wanted his own space to chill out. With this desire, along came the tiny house revelation! His garden is small however, it makes for some unique space challenges – including a small mezzanine level. Keeping an eye on costs, this is very much a DIY project with the help of a skilled carpenter! Read More »

Bagelman, brighton

Lunchbreaks ft. Bagelman

If you haven’t seen my Instagram, you won’t know about my overwhelming obsession with food. It is a constant fight between me trying to eat less and gym more, food…

Simple Things ft. 13 Ways To Slow Down

Life can sometimes get super busy and rushed, resulting in less slowing down time. I have started a new job, been there about 6 weeks now, struggling to settle in…

Staycation UK Cornwall

My Staycation Bucket List!

Escaping to the sun is a must for many people in the UK, you see… Our weather isn’t all that unfortunately, out clouds are regularly grey. I am a little…